Justin Altman

Justin Altman
Operations Manager

I’m Justin Altman, my current position is Operations Manager, Y International, USA; a part of Lulu Group International.

Growing up, my father was an electrical engineer and my mother, a school teacher. At a young age however, my parents decided that being homeschooled was a better way to educate me as I was extremely curious and constantly yearning to learn more about the world around me. My parents were probably what many people would have called non-traditional when it came to teaching me, as I was encouraged to learn what interested me and they didn’t stop me from being independent at a very early age. I learned and was using AutoCad software before the age of nine.

At a young age I also grasped the importance of working hard and earning a living. I took my first ‘job’ at the age of 10 with a local dog groomer. I also started my own neighborhood lawn-cutting business and when old enough, had my first ‘real’ employment at a world famous fast food restaurant. I also worked with a professional landscaping company. I always strived to work harder than expected of me and learn everything I could about the task at hand, no matter if I was fixing a computer or mopping a floor. Every facet of work intrigues me. I attended The University of Pittsburgh, with a focus on math and computer sciences.
The time came when the opportunity to work with my grandfather became a reality. I went to work for the family business in the Telecom industry where we serviced small, local businesses as well as some very lucrative companies. That was an extremely satisfying position for me. I’ve always said that ‘fixing things’ and ‘making them work’ is my passion.

To date, I have twenty plus years of professional experience in just about every aspect of the computer-science, telecom industry as well as business management and ownership, also holding the position as Vice President for a number of years before becoming the Operations Manager USA for Y International; part of the Lulu Group International.
I would be remiss to not conclude with the fact that I am also a family man. I am extremely thankful to have an incredibly supportive wife and six amazing children.