Our Company

Y International USA, a part of LuLu Group International, specializes in exporting consumer goods and food items to retail businesses located across the Middle East and India. The first export distribution center in the United States for LuLu Group International, Y International USA plans to expand in several other geographic locations across the United States. LuLu Group International chose New Jersey, the “Garden State,” as its primer location in the United States due to its history of agriculture, economic demand of jobs and close proximity to New York City. Y International USA is creating economic growth by generating demand of local consumer goods and food items. Y International USA currently employs 100+ individuals and provides top wages, benefits and growth opportunities.

LuLu Group International is a multinational company operating in over 37 countries across the Middle East, Africa and the region of Asia-Pacific. The conglomerate is managed by Mr. Yusuff Ali, who has strategically built LuLu Group International to what it is today through his vision and ambition. LuLu Group International has several lines of business that includes retail chain stores, shopping malls, wholesale distribution, food processing, export/import, general trade, hospitality and money exchange and remittance. It’s hypermarkets, supermarkets and department stores total over 130 across the Middle East, India and Africa.


To be recognized by our colleagues, client’s and customers as the most efficient and capable provider of wholesale and resale consumables in the demanding market of retail sales.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enrich and nourish lives, so when we interact with millions of people and communities across the globe, we strive to ensure we’re serving them with integrity, respect and in the most responsible way possible.

Our Values

Treat each other, our customers and suppliers with respect, commit ourselves to an injury-free workplace, uphold the highest standards of integrity, protect the environment, create a culture of continuous improvement with commitment to our shareholders, who have entrusted us with significant wealth and we are committed to managing the company for their benefit.


Building upon our values of integrity and respect, we believe in giving back to the communities we
serve through charitable donations that help sustain the economy.